ARC Review: Saving Ellie

The book that gave me hope for the one-to-one relationship books. I loved this one so much that I wish it didn’t end!

  • Title: Saving Ellie
  • Series: Lycans #1
  • Author: Whitney R.B.
  • Author Links:

My thoughts

This was one of the ARCs that I took on in the month of January. I got the ARC from Booksprout. With my history, most of the books I find on Booksprout are usually very raunchy and short. It is very rare that I find a book that is over 30 chapters long. (Saving Ellie has a lot of chapters but they’re on the shorter side and they make for good breaks in the story.) I have to say that this book falls in the “rare gem” category for me.

Saving Ellie is advertised as a paranormal/fantasy/sweet romance on Booksprout and I have to agree with it. The blurb really gives you the main point of the story.

Ellie, our main character, is twenty years old and on the run. She gets caught in an Alaskan blizzard and takes shelter in a barn. That’s when she encounters your larger than average wolf. That’s how our story starts.

The meet cute of the characters isn’t new. In a paranormal romance, it’s actually very cliché. However, the beginning can be an old idea but it’s what the author does after it that makes the difference.

Just like Ellie, we don’t know anything about the supernatural community. We don’t know the history or it’s people. What Whitney R.B. does so well is that she built the world gradually. We got the inkling that there is more but it isn’t unloaded on us all at once.

The story really took the time to build the world and to let us learn about it. I consider the pacing of the book to very good. It took its time showing us how Ellie and Ash act around one another and to watch their relationship build.

They are strangers and the book doesn’t forget that. It takes the time to show how much Ellie struggles with trusting other people after having a life on the run. It also shows Ash trying to understand why he’s drawn to her and why he’s taken an interest. The author doesn’t just narrow it down to “they’re soulmates so they just can’t help but fall in love.” There are actual reasons on why they fall in love. There wasn’t any shortcuts here and it was refreshing to read.

After having read a ton of reverse harem series, it was nice to read a book that was a one-to-one relationship and didn’t make me regret reading it. (I am referring back to His Beloved that I read last November. So many regrets with that book.) These are the types of stories that I look forward to when it’s a one-to-one and not a novella.

If you love werewolf stories with actual plot, then I would wholeheartedly recommend this book. It gives me hope that there are still good werewolf novels out there that aren’t about teenage werewolves finding their soulmates while still in high school.

Whitney had mentioned that this is the first book in a series of standalone books. I can’t wait to see what else Whitney has in store for us. I loved this book and I think you will too. By chance if Whitney R.B. reads this, know that have acquired a fan in me. I love the tone that you had for this book and I can’t wait to read more of your works!

Until the next book, Mysty!~

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